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Brand Message

For the brewery that creates new Sake Culture.

Umenoyado is taking new challenges focusing on the future of Sake which is the refreshing ways of creating Sake without having a strereotype of Sake always being refined.One of our “new Sake culture” is our liquior which has been loved by not only Japanese but world-wide fans. We will continue to challenge ourself to bring out great potentials of Sake and make Sake lovers world-wide.

Creating Sake that brings people happiness.

How Umenoyado thinks to create new Sake culture is to explore joy within great taste. In order to achieve that, we are trying to introduce the charm of Sake to younger generation. One of which is our Sake based liquor “Agaroshi” series. We can proudly say that the brewery that has the solid technique is able to procude such products that has Sake as a base. What we concern is the smiles of consumers, not categories or names of the products. That is one of our concepts, creating Sake that brings people hapiness.

Protecting what needs to be protected yet not afraid to change.
Our mission is to leave the traditional Sake culture to posterity
and to create the new value of Sake.

New years, cherry blossom viewings, and moon viewings. Sake is essential for Japanese events throughtout the year. However, it is also hard to ignore the fact that Sake culture and methods are being lost due to the lack of interests by young generation and the increase of western-oriented culture. Umenoyado needs to be a successor protecting the tradition and a pioneer creating new culture, but most importantly like an evangelist spreading the charm of Sake.

All of our sfaff knows about the importance of taking on challanges.

With an era of decreasing Sake consumption nationally, our staff’s spirit of challnge has supported our company significantly. Their will always make impossibles possible, and positive attitude that passionately takes on difficult challenges. They have created unbreakable bonds between customers. Umenoyado`s great asset is those spirit within each staff.