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President’s message

Umenoyado’s “tradition and innovation” make consumers excited.

Sake brewing is a part of Japanese tradition and Sake is considered as “nationnal liquor” that represents Japan. However, the consumption of Sake is decreasing every year and it is reported that Sake consumers are less than 1% within drinkers. Sake brewing might not even be possible to continue withough consumers.

The environment around Sake brewing has been changing rapidly. I believe it is our role and mission to protect the tradition and to provide valuable products and suggest new ideas that suit modern age.

For example, a brewery to make plum liquor was unthinkable so we received a few criticisms. But consumers’ demand spread and it has normalized for a brewery to make plum liquor. So the market had a drastic change in such short time which changed the Sake culture itself.

Umenoyado thinks that it is essential to always have a strong will to create new Sake culture and introduce it. We believe new challenges will eventually protects the tradition.

We aim to be the brewery that excites people and that brings new culture, and will work hard to make that “new Sake culture” become the next tradition in the future.

5th president Kayo Yoshida.