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Pioneers of Umenoyado

Making Sake means passing Japanese culture. Let us introduce our company policy.


Women that supports Umenoyado.

“Taking on challenges to better Umenoyado.”


5th president Kayo Yoshida.

It’s been 4 years already since I assume the position of a president. Since then I have been seeking the “new culture of Sake” which is also the slogan of the company. I am now able to confidently state that the way of Umenoyado should head is to challenge and create “newness” as well as to cherish Sake.Umenoyado has been developing business based on the tradition which is our Sake, and the innovation which is our liquor however, the only party that are concerned about genres are us,the sellers. We have noticed that the consumers only surely demand what is delicious. Our liquor business has boosted which lead to our growth. But it will not last forever. When we look ahead to our future, a hot selling product is vulnerable therefore we need a new foundation that supports our company.We have decided to launch a company in the USA to sell Umenoyado’s Sake and liquor hoping that it will be our 3rd pillar to strengthen our potential.On the other hand, we are planning a new strategy to increase our brand value for fans of Umenoyado in Japan.Unlike other breweries, Umenoyado introduces many faces of people who work in the company.The reason why I introduce our staff in our website is to show appreciation towards the hard-working staff so they will enjoy working in our brewery.

I strongly believe that the most important factor in management resources is staff which I have learnt in unversity. After observing my company objectively, I feel fortunate to have such great staff including part time staff. In order to grow with our staff, I hold interviews with each staff twice a year so I can listen and reflect what they want and what they would like to do for the company.

The reason why I have created the “3rd pillar” to support the company and have been motivating every single staff is to better my company. Even though Umenoyado has been handed over in my family from generation to generation, which has also been personally close to me, I believe that Umenoyado should not just be family-oriented structure. I would like the company to be independent and stable in the future. I think aimig to be the company that can consistantly provide what sonsumers want is a challenge.

Therefore, I think it is essential for the company to grow bigger and better just like our staff improve as a person by working in this company.

I want to pursuit joy of producing and consuming Sake as well as creating the “new Sake culture”. I strongly believe it is important to share the “newness” and “excitement” with our customers. So please pay attention to new products of Umenoyado that brings the bright future to Sake culture.