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Q1.Is number on Sake bottle best before date?

The alphabets and numbers are manufacturing control numbers.
Please contact us about manufacturing dates.

Q2.Is there an expiry date?

No. However there is a recommended period for best flavor.

Q3.How long is the recommended period?

Sake (pasteurized) for 1 year, Sake (non-pasteurized) for 6 months, Plum liquor for 2 years, and liquor for 1 year.

But it is for bottles that are not open and stored in cool and dark place or in a refrigerator. It is best when consumed immediately after opening.

Q4.What happens after the recommended period?

The flavor and scent could be perished. Please consume as soon as possible. Sake could be used for cooking after the period.

Q5.Storage instructions.

Unpasteurized sake needs to be stored in a refrigerator. Pasteurized sake can be stored at room temperature. Please store in a refrigerator after opening.

Q6.How to buy Sake.

We will introduce you to a liquor store where you can buy it in your neighborhood.
You can also purchase it at our store directly managed store and online shop.
Umenoyado Sake Brewery directly managed store TEL: 0745-43-9755

Click here for the online shop.

Q7.Is there a brewery tour?

We take a booking at a store next to our brewery.

Please see their website.